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About Inner Circle Autism Network

We believe that therapy should be fun! At Inner Circle, it is our mission to inspire each child to grow, learn, play, connect, wonder, and discover.

Why Inner Circle?

Our play-based, hands-on approach

We believe that children learn best through hands-on, play-based interaction. If a child is having fun, they will not only gain new skills, they will also develop a love for learning.

Inner Circle Autism Network | About Us
Inner Circle Autism Network | About Us

We celebrate your child as a unique individual

Our approach to therapy is designed to meet your child’s INDIVIDUAL and unique needs because we know that no two kids are the same. Therapy will incorporate a wide variety of skill areas such as language, communication, social skills, connecting with others, building confidence, positive self-esteem, daily living skills, critical thinking, and academic readiness.

Reliable, quality care

Every member of our Inner Circle team is passionate about providing the quality that you and your child deserve. We take this commitment seriously and are dedicated to providing reliable support for every child and family.

Inner Circle Autism Network | About Us

Hear what Inner Circle families are saying!

"My family is incredibly blessed to have the opportunity for our son to attend Inner Circle! We have had the best experience as a family and as parents. My son has come so far in his treatment and had it not been for the wonderful staff and his amazing BCBA (Mallory Shelton) I’m not sure what life would look like for us. We are beyond pleased with the services, care and attention that is given to us and our son."

Inner Circle Parent | Arkansas

“We absolutely love it here at Inner Circle and we are incredibly grateful for everything you have done for us.”

Inner Circle Parent | Oklahoma

“The Inner Circle staff is phenomenal and they really care about us. My son is eager to be here every day!”

Inner Circle Parent | Arkansas

“Everyone at Inner Circle is amazing and wonderful.”

Inner Circle Parent | Arkansas

“Tyler and Crystal have been so great, understanding, compassionate, and patient. I appreciate them so much!”

Inner Circle Parent | Oklahoma

“The staff really cares about the children and their families.”

Inner Circle Parent | Arkansas

“We absolutely love Inner Circle!”

Inner Circle Parent | Arkansas

“My child looks forward to going to Inner Circle every day!"

Inner Circle Parent | Oklahoma

"We are so grateful for Inner Circle. They have truly changed our lives for the better."

Inner Circle Parent

"Thanks to Inner Circle, our child has been able to make meaningful progress and reach milestones that we never thought possible."

Inner Circle Parent

"The staff at Inner Circle have not only helped my child grown, but have also taught me as a parent how to better connect with them."

Inner Circle Parent

"The BCBAs are absolutely phenomenal. I am truly so grateful for their unwavering support, willingness to share information, feedback and answers to my questions."

Inner Circle Parent

What makes us different?

We believe that it is a privilege to serve the kids, families and communities that we are passionate about. There is no end to the RIPPLE effect we can have in these lives


Core values

At Inner Circle we strongly believe that our core values are much more than a pretty poster on the wall but instead a positive indicator of a good culture. We have developed a meaningful set of core values for both our staff and our clients that define our standard of quality, treatment philosophy and company culture:

  • Rise to Excellence
  • Inspire Connection
  • Persist Through Challenge
  • Provide Value
  • Lead by Example
  • Embrace Growth


We are dedicated to “being the best”; The provider who delivers the best possible services to families with unique needs and the employer that is able to attract the most talented and passionate teams.


We believe that therapy should be fun and that learning happens through play, relationship and interaction. By building strong relationships with clients and families, we are able to provide a warm and welcoming environment that allows each individual to be their unique selves.
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Proudly serving Arkansas and Oklahoma

Inspiring every child to say Inner Circle Autism Network | About Us

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