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We believe that therapy should be fun! At Inner Circle, it is our mission to inspire each child to grow, learn, play, connect, wonder, and discover.

Why Inner Circle?

Our play-based, hands-on approach

We believe that children learn best through hands-on, play-based interaction. If a child is having fun, they will not only gain new skills, they will also develop a love for learning.

We celebrate your child as a unique individual

Our approach to therapy is designed to meet your child’s INDIVIDUAL and unique needs because we know that no two kids are the same. Therapy will incorporate a wide variety of skill areas such as language, communication, social skills, connecting with others, building confidence, positive self-esteem, daily living skills, critical thinking, and academic readiness.

Reliable, quality care

Every member of our Inner Circle team is passionate about providing the quality that you and your child deserve. We take this commitment seriously and are dedicated to providing reliable support for every child and family.

Don’t just take our word for it

Proudly serving Arkansas and Oklahoma

Inspiring every child to say

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