Choosing the right ABA therapy provider for your child can be a daunting task that requires parents to navigate logistical hurdles like scheduling and insurance, while constantly worrying if you’ve made the right decision for your child.

At Inner Circle, every child receives an individualized therapy plan that is tailored to their skills, strengths, and areas of need. Personalized ABA therapy programs ensure your child receives the attention and quality treatment they need, as progress is measured on an individualized basis as well.

Finding the Right Fit

Parents should never need to wonder whether or not their child’s ABA therapy program is a “good fit” for them or whether or not they are receiving the individualized attention they need.

We don’t believe ABA therapy is a one-size-fits-all approach. Our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) create treatment plans that are unique to your child.

“Our approach ensures that every child receives ABA therapy as part of a program that is designed to meet their needs and incorporate their strengths,” said Inner Circle clinical treatment director Tatum Alsup, M.A., BCBA, LBA. “Every child is unique, and we believe each child’s ABA therapy program should reflect that.”

Inner Circle has the expertise and resources to deliver every aspect of ABA therapy plans your child may require, from speech therapy to social skills training to home-based ABA therapy. With Inner Circle, parents can rest easy knowing their child is receiving a personalized treatment plan that is right for them, and that their ABA therapy provider has the resources and expertise to deliver whatever treatment their child needs.

Communication and Social Skills

For children with autism, communication and social skills training are vital components of their ABA therapy program.

Our behavior therapists work to help children communicate verbally and non-verbally during every session using a variety of behavior principles and teaching techniques. At Inner Circle, our behavior therapists focus on functional communication, emphasizing the understanding and use of language in meaningful contexts.

Social skills are a core component of ABA therapy and are included in a way that helps each child have meaningful interactions with different people across a variety of social situations.

Home-Based ABA Therapy

Inner Circle offers greater flexibility for children and families through home-based ABA therapy.

Home-based ABA therapy creates opportunities for children to learn positive behaviors and skills in an environment they are comfortable in, while also giving parents and caregivers more opportunities to participate in their child’s program.

Choosing the right ABA therapy services doesn’t have to be a difficult process filled with worry and fears about the quality of your child’s ABA therapy.

Inner Circle delivers quality ABA therapy in the context of individualized programs, ensuring that every child receives the best ABA therapy that is right for them as an individual, and that every parent can rest easy knowing their child is receiving the best possible ABA therapy.

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