The Inner Circle Autism Network school-readiness program works with children with autism and their families to empower children to have the skills they need to fully participate in a traditional school environment.

Our Jonesboro, Arkansas center recently celebrated one of its clients “graduating” from ABA therapy and entering kindergarten at a local public school. The child started ABA therapy with Inner Circle in October 2021 and today, begins the 2023-2024 school year as a kindergartner!

The school readiness component of Inner Circle’s ABA therapy programs focuses on the behaviors and skills each child needs to feel comfortable and to succeed in a classroom. From navigating the bathrooms to raising their hand to ask a question, each child has different and unique needs and areas of needed support. The board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and registered behavioral therapists (RBTs) at Inner Circle get to know each child as an individual, not as a case, and work with him or her on areas they and their family have identified as areas of opportunity and development.

As our therapists like to say, “our goal is for each child and family to no longer need us or our services because they’ve got what they need to flourish in school, at home, or wherever they want to be.”

Learn more about Inner Circle Autism Network’s services and approach here.

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