For Courtney Burns and her family, Inner Circle ABA therapy with school readiness helped make their goal of sending her son Jimmy to kindergarten a reality.

“It’s always been a goal of ours to transition Jimmy into school,” said Burns, “School readiness with ABA therapy helped him get to that point a lot quicker.”

Through school readiness with Inner Circle ABA therapy, Jimmy learns and practices the social, communication, motor, and pre-academic skills he needs within routines, settings, and activities that mirror those found in a typical classroom and school environment. By developing these skills in a school-like structure, children gain confidence and familiarity with navigating many of the situations and tasks they will navigate in school, like writing, participating in group activities, playing with or near peers, and completing an independent activity.  

The situations, activities, and tasks utilized during programs with a school readiness component are informed by input and guidance from local schools. Inner Circle partners with schools to ensure skills learned during ABA therapy will translate to a real classroom.

“We partner with schools to ensure that we’re teaching children the right skills to foster independence and identifying the best supports needed to transition to the classroom with confidence,” said Sara Varillas, BCBA, Inner Circle’s chief clinical officer. “With school readiness, the goal is always to ensure we’re setting children up for a successful integration into school by preparing them with the necessary skills and identifying the resources the school can provide our children to help them achieve academic success.”

At Inner Circle we believe every child deserves to fully engage and participate in academic settings alongside their friends and peers. For children with autism, school readiness as part of Inner Circle ABA therapy can unlock the skills, confidence, and independence any child needs to enjoy success in school.

“Jimmy goes to school every day. He’s potty-trained and saying his letters and numbers and doing so well.” said Burns. “It’s been lifechanging for our family.”

Watch the video to learn more about the Burns family’s story and see what Inner Circle ABA therapy programs with school readiness can do for your child’s academic future.