April is Autism Acceptance Month

Since 1970, Autism Acceptance Month has marked an opportunity to celebrate and contribute towards greater acceptance, support, and inclusion for the autism community.

Acceptance Over Awareness

At its inception more than 50 years ago, Autism Acceptance Month was widely known as Autism Awareness Month. The month-long initiative was a call to recognize and raise awareness for people living with autism.

The conversation has evolved and shifted towards ideas and action around promoting acceptance of the autism community.

“At Inner Circle, acceptance is central to our ABA therapy programs and the support we provide for children with autism and their families,” said David Mikula, Inner Circle Autism Network CEO. “We create ABA programs that celebrate and embrace the unique abilities and gifts of every child to help them develop new skills that enable them to more fully participate in everyday life.”

How Can I Promote Autism Acceptance?

Autism Acceptance Month is an opportunity for everyone to contribute towards greater acceptance and support for the autism community. Below you’ll find just a few ways you can contribute and helpful resources to get you started.

5 Ways to Promote Autism Acceptance

  1. Educate yourself and others about autism.

Educating yourself and those around you about autism and the autism conversation is a great first step. Learning basic facts and countering myths and misconceptions about autism helps reduce stigma around autism and equips everyone to act with more understanding and compassion.

2. Attend local events for people with autism.

Attending and supporting local sensory-friendly events is a fantastic way to get involved and actively engage with members of the autism community and allies. These events are opportunities for individuals with autism to engage in activities designed with them in mind and serve as eye-opening experiences for others to learn and appreciate the diversity within the autism spectrum.

3. Speak up against discrimination or bullying.

Speaking out against bullying is a universally positive action, and an important one for the autism community, as children and young adults with autism often experience bullying. Contributing to autism acceptance demands speaking against negative talk or actions against people with autism and encouraging those around you to do the same.

4. Talk with your children about autism acceptance.

Setting a good example for your children and initiating conversations around autism and autism acceptance promotes inclusion and acceptance in a number of ways. Imparting positive ideas about inclusion, speaking out against bullying, and celebrating diversity to the next generation fosters acceptance in our schools, communities, and online.

5. Practice kindness and support.

Practicing kindness and understanding makes a profound difference for people with autism who may be facing difficulties or challenges with everyday tasks and social situations.

Creating a supportive community starts with acknowledging neurodiversity and celebrating it. From there, we can include and support individuals with autism as valued members of our society who can live fulfilling lives and realize their full potential.

The best part about this one? You can practice it with everyone!

Autism Acceptance Month is a reminder of the importance of educating ourselves and actively promoting acceptance for people with autism. It is also a reminder that practicing autism acceptance is a year-round, life-long endeavor, worthy of everyone’s time, energy, and involvement.

Learn more about autism acceptance and ABA therapy programs at Inner Circle Autism Network here.