From an uncommunicative 18-month-old to an outgoing 6-year-old excited to take a family vacation to Disney World, Rowyn has advanced through ABA at Inner Circle Autism Network achieving individualized milestones with the support of his therapy team.

“When he was 18 months old, we noticed that he didn’t really interact with other children his age,” explained Rowyn’s mom Catie. “He wouldn’t fit in at any of the play dates we went to or any of the mom-and-me things we went to.”

The Inner Circle Autism Network team met with Rowyn and his family and the first thing they asked was, “what are you struggling with and how can we help you?”

Through ABA, Rowyn learned to communicate with his family. He could express his needs and wants and ask for help, no longer having meltdowns from the frustration of being unable to communicate.

The impact of ABA is significant not just for Rowyn but for his family as well that also includes an older brother.

With ABA, Rowyn is better able to handle outings and events that involve the whole family. For his mom Catie, this means that the family no longer has to “split and conquer.” They can do family activities all together.

Building on that accomplishment, his ABA team began working with him and his family to help with emotional regulation and managing nervousness around going on a trip. Using “social stories” and visual schedules both at Inner Circle and at home, Rowyn understands how the trip will unfold, from packing and going to the airport to staying at a hotel and going to Disney World. These stories give Rowyn confidence and reassurance and the tools to navigate what had been a source of anxiety.

 And, Rowyn has made friends. He is invited to birthday parties. That’s perhaps what his mom is most grateful to the ABA team at Inner Circle for.

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