While no two families are the same, every family shares a desire for connection.

At Inner Circle Autism Network, our therapists work with families to understand their unique goals, aspirations, and needs so that our individualized ABA therapy programs meet the needs of not just children with autism, but the entire family.

“The work we do here at Inner Circle goes beyond addressing each child’s individual and unique needs and opportunities for growth,” says David Mikula, Inner Circle CEO. “We’re intentional about understanding and learning the parent’s needs and the needs and goals of the family as a whole to better understand how we can help families connect.”

From thorough conversations and evaluations of each family’s goals to ABA therapy programs that involve parents and caregivers and equip them with resources to continue making progress in the home, Inner Circle incorporates the goals and needs of the family unit into every child’s ABA therapy program to help families connect.

Watch the video to see how.