Catie Krautkramer came to Inner Circle Autism Network when her son Rowyn was unable to communicate his needs and wants with his family.

“One of his biggest areas that would cause him to have a meltdown was that he couldn’t tell us yes or no or what he wanted,” Krautkramer said.

Inner Circle Autism Network’s board-certified behavior analysts met with Krautkramer to understand Rowyn and his family’s objectives. From there, they built a plan with goals and milestones centered on Rowyn’s strengths and needs. Along the way, Krautkramer could watch and monitor along with Rowyn’s therapy team as her son advanced toward milestones.

“We’re able to show progress in real time by setting goals and consistently measuring every child’s individual progress towards meeting those goals,” Inner Circle Autism Network Chief Executive Officer David Mikula explained.

Today, Krautkramer said her son has the tools to communicate with his family.

“Being able to communicate with us was the biggest first step we saw from ABA because we could actually ask him and be able to figure out what he needed,” said Krautkramer. “He’s self-advocating for himself.”

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