Inner Circle Autism Network has earned distinction as an accredited practice by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE).

A BHCOE accreditation is only earned after a thorough evaluation process that examines a practice’s clinical and administrative quality and adherence to the highest standards of excellence for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.

“This accreditation is a testament to the excellent services we provide and our unwavering commitment to quality in every area of our practice,” said David Mikula, CEO, Inner Circle Autism Network. “It further illustrates the outcomes our clients and their families experience and speaks to the high bar for excellence we set for the communities we serve.”

Inner Circle Autism Network specializes in ABA therapy, including social skills training, for children of all ages diagnosed with autism. ABA is evidence-based, individualized therapy that supports children with autism in learning new skills and positive behaviors, such as communication, social awareness, positive peer interactions, academic engagement, self-care skills, and play skills.

BHCOE is an international accrediting body designed to meet accreditation needs specific to the delivery of behavioral analysis. BHCOE develops and measures quality standards for autism and ABA organizations.

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