Parent engagement is central to the success of ABA therapy programs at Inner Circle.

One of the ways we engage parents at several of our Inner Circle clinics is with parent observation rooms. Through these rooms parents can see their child’s ABA therapy firsthand and learn more about Inner Circle’s play-based approach to ABA therapy.

Inner Circle Autism Network | Keeping Parents Engaged and Supported Throughout Their Child’s ABA Therapy Journey

“Keeping parents plugged in is about creating opportunities and devoting attention to parents and caregivers, educating them on our process and all of the things we’re working on and answering any questions they may have,” says Sarah Varillas BCBA, LBA, chief clinical officer, Inner Circle Autism Network. “Observation rooms are just one of the ways we can facilitate support and engagement for parents.”

Throughout every ABA therapy program at Inner Circle, our team offers parents the opportunity to ask questions about their child’s program, check in on their progress, and learn more ways they can contribute to their child’s progress outside the clinic. This can include educational resources, as well as guidance and practical tips for promoting learning and progress in the home.

“We want parents to know that we’re here for the entire family throughout their journey and that there is always a place for them to contribute and engage with their child’s ABA therapy program,” said Crystal Lissuzzo, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA, Clinical Treatment Director – Northwest Oklahoma City. “We want them to know they have a built-in support system with them every step of the way.”

Varillas sums it up this way: “Simply put, ABA therapy is most effective when the entire family is plugged in and engaged and engaged as a team. We’re dedicated to making that a reality for all of the families we work with.”

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