Therapy that a child enjoys and looks forward to is therapy that creates real momentum and progress for children with autism learning new skills and positive behaviors.

“Creating a learning environment that kids look forward to coming to every day is at the core of our approach to ABA therapy,” said Inner Circle CEO David Mikula. “Creating a fun learning experience keeps children engaged so they can continue to progress and live the healthy, productive lives that we all want them to live.”

Therapy can be Fun and Effective

The Inner Circle philosophy is that children with autism learn best through hands-on, play-based therapy programs. When a child is having fun, they not only gain new skills, but also develop a love for learning that translates to real progress toward their therapy goals.

Simply put, for ABA therapy to be effective, it has to be fun!

“We’re embedding our client’s interests in our ABA therapy programs to create exciting and personalized learning opportunities,” said Jeremiah Anzualda, MS, BCBA, Inner Circle’s regional director of operations – Oklahoma. “We’re not just sitting at a table looking at flashcards over and over again.”

Positive Reinforcement Through Play

As any parent knows, when kids enjoy something, they want to keep doing it. This positive reinforcement is at the heart of ABA therapy and Inner Circle’s play-based approach.

Play-based therapy does not force children to do anything they don’t want to do, ensuring that they are interested and engaged throughout each therapy session. This approach encourages a love of learning by creating learning opportunities in natural environments that children are accustomed to and enjoy.

“My son always gets excited every time we come to ABA therapy,” said Inner Circle parent Catie Krautkramer. “He knows all of his therapist’s names and tells us who he wants to see and play with and that he’s just excited to be here.”

At Inner Circle, your child will learn new skills and overcome challenges in a positive, play-based learning environment. And they’ll love it.

“Creating a fun environment where kids can learn and where kids enjoy learning: that’s the ultimate goal of our play-based approach,” said Mikula. “Yes we want to work with children and help them learn these skills and behaviors, but if they don’t really enjoy it and look forward to it, there’s little chance of them sticking with it and making real progress.”

We are excited that you’re interested in learning more about what we do. Feel free to contact us via email, phone, chat, or fill out an intake form to get the process started. We look forward to hearing from you!