Happy Mother’s Day!

Inner Circle Autism Network’s commitment to supporting families throughout their child’s ABA therapy journey is matched by our commitment to supporting new and future mothers on our staff and their families.

In addition to continuing education and career advancement opportunities, Inner Circle offers paid parental leave. Research shows that paid parental leave has significant benefits for a mother’s physical, mental, and emotional health. From reducing postpartum depression symptoms to keeping newborns on track with their postnatal care, paid parental leave is critical for a healthy start for new families.

“We know that for our employees to be at their best and support the parents and kids we serve, they need to know that we support and value their families as well,” said David Mikula, Inner Circle Autism Network CEO. “Paid parental leave is just one facet of that support, but it’s extremely important for us to provide new mothers the ability to spend that time recovering and bonding with their new child.”

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