Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is based on the science of Behavior Analysis, which states that all behavior is shaped by one’s environment.

While each ABA therapy program is individualized to each child’s specific strengths and needs, all programs utilize the ABCs of Behavior Analysis.

Antecedent: The prompt, or initial situation that leads to a certain behavior.

Behavior: The action or behavior in response to the antecedent.

Consequence: What happens in the environment immediately following the behavior.

During ABA therapy, Inner Circle’s therapists collect data on every aspect of the child’s behavior: what happened before the behavior, the behavior itself, and what happened after the behavior.  This allows therapists to better identify the causes of positive behaviors that the program aims to develop and what challenging behaviors need to be replaced with positive ones.

The structure of the ABCs is methodical and scientific, serving as the basic building blocks of ABA therapy programs that employ positive reinforcement to help children with autism learn positive behaviors and good communication and social skills.

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