An autism diagnosis, whether expected or surprising, can leave parents and caregivers unsure about what to do next.

Next Steps

Gathering more information about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is helpful. While you may have already begun this process since making the decision to have your child evaluated, the complex nature of autism means there is always more to learn.

Ask the medical or behavioral health professional who conducted your child’s autism evaluation for educational materials and resources to get more information about your child’s diagnosis and treatment options, including ABA therapy.

Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for autism treatment therapies like ABA differ from state to state and among different insurance plans.

All 50 states have laws mandating some level of coverage for autism therapies like ABA. In Arkansas, for example, all health insurers are required to cover ABA therapy. For individuals living in Oklahoma, state employee health plans and health insurance policies that provide medical/surgical benefits cover ABA therapy.

Talk to your insurance provider about autism treatment coverage to gain a full understanding of the treatments your insurance will cover and how to obtain coverage. Inner Circle Autism Network can help with this process and provides helpful insurance navigation information for families with or without a medical autism diagnosis.

Explore ABA Therapy Options

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a research-based scientific method of therapy that helps children with autism and other developmental disorders learn important new skills while working through everyday barriers, social difficulties, and challenging behaviors.

ABA therapy is widely recognized as a scientifically valid therapy available for treating behavioral issues associated with autism. From teaching children new social and communication skills to reducing challenging behaviors, ABA therapy is proven to teach positive skills and behaviors to help your child become more independent in various areas of their life.

Learn more about the methods and effectiveness of ABA therapy here.

Build a Support Network

Receiving an autism diagnosis and seeking treatment is a lengthy process that brings with it a number of emotions and questions.

Seeking support from family and friends can help. Local autism support groups, like those found in Oklahoma and Arkansas can provide comfort and guidance throughout your child’s journey.

Inner Circle Autism Network provides support, education, and guidance for parents whose child has received an autism diagnosis, from insurance navigation to the lifechanging results offered by ABA therapy.

Contact us today to learn more about ABA therapy or what to do next after receiving an autism diagnosis.

Inner Circle Autism Network does not conduct medical evaluations for autism.

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